Ergo is on a mission to spark meaningful conversations by way of meaningful insights in the news. Powered by technology, Ergo uses machine learning and natural language processing to group together relevant stories and break down key contextual insights to give you the full scope of what and how news is being reported.


How does it work?

Ergo is different from a news aggregator or search engine.
Here’s a look at how Ergo takes you from one article to a full road map of that story.


Let’s say you’re scrolling through a platform and see a news article that you find surprising or questionable. Search for that headline within the Ergo database.


A digital fingerprint of that story is created through natural language processing and matched against hundreds of thousands of articles in the database to find stories with similar digital fingerprints.


Search results outlines all the sources and the timeline of how that story has developed. Additional context tags help you understand how reliable or how different groups are discussing a single event.

Deeper Insights

Here's how Ergo highlights deeper context

so you can have the full picture.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Ergo database pulls from the News API including 50 news sources reporting over 4,000 articles a day. Ergo has articles dating back to March of 2020.

Ergo works with Ad Fontes Media and AllSides, two non-profit news publication monitoring organization, to distinguish where a media source ranks in terms of political leaning and reliability of reporting.

Ergo strives to generate more transparency in the news. We understand that biases in news leads to deeper polarization while also acknowledging the challenges around establishing a truly unbiased reporting system. That is why we strive for transparency both from media sources and from our team.

Ergo collects the stories that are trending on social outlets in an effort to provide greater context and support dialogue that is happening now.

The Ergo algorithm uses sentiment analysis to learn and label language that indicates how polarized a statement is and flags those as being opinions.

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Concerned by the implications and threat of misinformation, Ergo was started in a bedroom out of San Francisco in mid-2019. We are a small team of 5, pursuing this as a passion project without any funding.